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how tall are you?


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On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you RN?

Hi I'm 5'6, half Mexican half Chinese.I have 32D boobs & I'm pretty skinny but I don't show them off. Ive seen some boys look at me at school even boys with a gf but I've never been asked out, not even to a dance. I'm shy but nice. I don't think I'm that ugly so why don't boys ever flirt/talk to ME?

wtf even is this

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Likers get?


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Which guy in @bjens profile photo do you think is hotter?


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How would you feel if the guy you like got you pregnant and wanted to have the baby?

I'm in 7th grade ?

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Face A body A smile B


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your number one insecurity ?

my lips

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This boy told people that I slept with him but it's a lie. Ever since I met him 2 months ago he'd look at me like almost everyday like when I walk into class,walk by his seat, or while he's talking with his friends. Why would he lie about sleeping with me out of all the girls he could've lied about?

figure it out

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Connor F like Lauren Mcintyre

Uh ok

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Makel G.

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Hottest 8th grader you know

rate 20 hmu cutie :))

Who dis

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sad and tired

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Likers get sex rates?

15 years of hard labor... could you handle it?

why stupid vv

Guys suppose to ask girl out

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what's your opinion on a girl asking a guy out ?


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