Ask @sarahmahammad:

How many questions have you sent on ask?

The first question I’ve ever sent to someone on ask was to my twin yesterday😊 and maybe I sent the second one to @Gabbybartolone asking her about a song if it’s hers. I followed three precious people recently and I notified them I did, also I sent out my first shoutout before 17days! and sent out a request to a brother from Pakistan🇵🇰 named @umaidrao Cheers!! I’ve been very active lately before getting my biggest time off for Ramadan😇 Macha’Allah🙏💜

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Tell me something else I don't know about @askfm?? 😜

Well, if you’re new here! Then, welcome on board. (1) First of all @askfm is a Q&A site, you ask questions and you might or might not get answers for. And people send you questions and you either answer or pass to the next question if you dislike it, it’s up to you!! (2) ASKfm IS NOT A DATING SITE to hunting on people, for those who misunderstand or misuse the site. (3) You never know who’s following you unless the choose to reveal themselves and tell you they do. Also people never know you follow them unless you choose to tell them you do. (4) You can send your questions openly or anonymously as you like, so do others! And these two last features are what specializes @askfm😊 (5) You can also play Q&A with yourself if you see all questions you receive are meaningless or annoying by keep tapping on the RandomQuestion icon and answer which one you’d like to answer. For me, I like when I see people sharing knowledge, wisdom, love and treasures they’ve read from books📚 and be kind one another💜💙💚 or at least that’s my understanding about @askfm🌟 since I’ve joined five years ago! Hope I gave you a long satisfying answer lol😉😊👌

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What have you always wanted as a child and couldn't get it? Why?

Couple things as I remember, one of them was NO international school trips! Which was dad’s no-no of all times. And NO skating board/shoes for me! And that was mom’s no-no of all time. Later on, they explained why’s no international school trips, because dad was scared that we might get harm. And why’s no skating board/shoes for me, because that might distract me from keeping my scores high, plus+ it might get me falling frequently and getting road crashes. So, I guess it was for safety purposes😊

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