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Do you perhaps have any suggestions for games one can play to get to know each other better? Tomorrow I'll be hosting a dinner for novices at the student organiation I'm a part of, us mentors are tasked with coming up with such a game each 🗣🎲♣️

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Hi Tobbe!
Ohh 😮 well😂
U can ask them to present themselves by saying their name and their hobbies for example or age or whay they are there... Or... I had a dynamic once I'm which groups of 5 where split and we had to figure out how to put some nails on a wood in a method that everyone had to work as a group. U can do games in which they work as a team. U can print papers of mazes? And see who finish first or spelling bees idk😂i once made one ,with a paper to fill info; at the very end it said if u read well u only had to put your name; just to show the importance of reading anything completely before filling info and that was great! I hope u get ideas 💡
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How long have you been on ask? What made you stay? 😄

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3 1/2 - 4 years
There is always good questioning and some good to share too

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

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Feed and heal the poor for one day. Maybe I won't do much but i can show them there is still good in the world

How many layers of blankets etc. do you usually sleep with? Does the seasons play a role in that? 😴🛏👕

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3😬😁, yes ,in winter a comforter plus two sheets in summer; almost no sheets.
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If you game, what got you into it? 🎮

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I don't game. I like games though. My time is too scheduled just to sit hours playing. I know of some games bc I have many friends that are gamers and also cosplayers
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Do you easily get nostalgic? Maybe share something you have nostalgia for? 🤩

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Not to easily,but time to time it's heavy, so,yes. Hahaha that's my secret always
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What do you usually do when you're sick? Do you actively do anything to alleviate your symptoms? 🤒

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I have like 10 responsibilities daily Tobbe, so when i get sick i just take pills for every symptom i feel atm caffeine and keep walking. 🥺
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