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Hardships in covering?

Tbh there shouldn't really be any hardships because it's something as a hobby and when it does get hard, it means you should probably take a break.
But if I had to say the things that stress me about covering is just the amount of time. Having to find the time to record and whatnot. Like there's so many things I want to sing but not enough time.
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The Heirs is one of my favorites tbh bahhh;_; its really cliche tho but...Park Shin Hye ♡♡

radiantsunshine’s Profile PhotoShae Sun
LOL. It is cliche but I can see why you like it. I think I just watch TOO many dramas so I get bored really easily? It's why I tend to lean towards the detective/thriller/suspense dramas now in days. I do like the drama to some extent and I probably will end up finishing it one day when I'm super bored because I absolutely love the cast. xD
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What dramas are you watching currently? Anything good?

I just started watching Big Man, which just came out. I REALLY love these types of dramas, it really reminds me of Incarnation of Money and I really like the whole suspense-revenge type of thing. The 2 episodes that came out so far are really good in my opinion. And I absolutely love the cast.
2 other dramas I'm waiting for are Doctor Stranger and You're Surrounded. Those two are full of actors/actresses that I really love. Doctor Stranger's cast is just. <3 And the whole melodrama plotline is really interesting in my opinion. I'm very curious about Jin Se Yeon's character. :3 I've loved her acting since Bridal Mask and I hope she gets more recognized soon. You're Surrounded looks really funny so I'm super excited for that one.
And this summer there's gonna be more dramas I'm excited for as well! :3 alsdjfalkdjlsa. Like the one with Seo In Guk. I think his character is a high schooler disguised as a businessman and I think that's really new and fresh.

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have you seen The Heirs?

radiantsunshine’s Profile PhotoShae Sun
I've watched half of it and then I stopped because it just got kind of boring to me? The plot didn't really appeal to me and there were tons of things I didn't like with it. I mean I SUPER love the cast especially Kim Woobin and Kang Haneul because those 2 are like on the top of my actor biases but I just couldn't get into the plot. I usually really like school-type dramas and all but this one just didn't appeal to me as much as I thought it would. I was also watching The Heirs with my mom at that time and she didn't really get the feel with it either which is why I also stopped. I tend to like to watch dramas with my mom so we can discuss about it after and what we hate/love and who we want the characters to end up with etc.


I'm not making a big deal so not "everyone" is. I haven't even gotten a question about him which narrows down to who is asking this stuff about him tbh.
If you or anyone has a problem with Mike, just go talk to him instead of spamming everyone.

What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?

In bed with my favorite snacks while on Netflix probably watching Supernatural/Doctor Who/Sherlock/White Collar/and the rest of the shows I'm obsessed with. And also skyping with Cecy (Which we should do more often because I never see your face dang it)
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who do you think is the most humble coverist ?

Can I say everyone? I don't interact with a lot of the people in the community but those I've come across seem humble in my opinion. No one really thinks they are better than the others and like the ones I talk to are really supportive and we all try to help each other out whether it be covering related or not. But tbh though, I only talked to a small group of people so yeah~ Hopefully I'll get to know other people well. :D
(I really want to branch out and get to know everyone but I tend to get super busy and I feel like if I talk to someone and then I get busy and I don't have the time to talk to them, they'd feel like I don't like them? I usually wait till I'm for sure free to be able to talk and get to know the person. I hope that those I've only become acquaintances with can understand that omg sobs.)

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Do you like singing or dancing more?

Definitely singing more I think because I don't dance as often as I sing.
Actually I rarely dance now even though I tell myself I'll get back into it.
I think it's just because I don't really have anyone to dance with while singing I have like my online friends to sing with.
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Is there anyone or anything from the coverist community that you've been waiting to appear/release/make a comeback on YouTube?

I want a lot of the old soompiers to comeback tbh. Like there's too many to name omg.
And waiting to release... would be Christina's 2ne1 covers LOOOOOOOL. xD Even though she only announced yesterday. Ahaha.
And Shae's covers as well. I'm excited for her mixtape.
And Ashely's Boy in Luv and Ringa Linga.
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a short paragraph on what you think about taylordemigaga and scratchthat2009 ?

"short paragraph" omg. Are we in english class or something? LOL.
Janny is super sweet. I wish we knew each other better. Love her voice and videos! I don't get why people say she 'sucks' because I've heard her raw vocals since she leant me her clips for a collab (that I really should finish mixing LOL) and oh my goodness, her voice is just <3 <3 <3
Calli is nice~ She hasn't done anything to me. Tbh, she's just one of the few that just state their opinions out loud. Hopefully in the future I can get to know her better since we've never really talked. She has a good voice and tone.
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what do you think of ckaypop ?

CHRISTINAAAAAAA~ She's my closet and bestest friend in the yt community tbh. She's so sweet and caring and funny too. We have so many similarities so I think that's how we get along so well. Our music tastes are the same so we always spazz to each other and link each other to various artists.
Overall she's a super great friend. I also think she's really talented. Her mixing is really good and I love her voice tone. And my goodness, her rapping. <3 ILY MY TWIN~~
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Who are ur closest friends on youtube?

My online twin Christina! :3 We have so many things in common. Lately we don't talk as often because of school but I love talking to her. <3
And then there's Fondie. She's so hilarious with her puns and I love talking and helping her.
These two I talk to the most often.
I'd love to talk to more people but I've been so busy and I'm usually scared to start the convo. T.T
To anyone reading this, if you guys ever need to talk or need any help with anything, I'm here to talk :D I'll tell you if I'm busy but I usually multi-task like crazy so it's fine. LOL.
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what kind of new kpop groups have you been listening to beside mr.mr?

New kpop groups? I'm guessing you mean like new groups I'm getting into?
Um, I've been getting into C-Clown and MYNAME more often but they aren't new LOL. But I've finally started listening to them more.
If by any recent rookies from like 2013 that I'm fangirl of... Hmm
- 5urprise (Surprise) - You can listen to them here: http://youtu.be/ujg13EcFt7ssarangified’s Video 108390411713 ujg13EcFt7ssarangified’s Video 108390411713 ujg13EcFt7s They are SUPER underrated. They are ALL SO TALL TOO OMG. The shortest in that group is like freaking 5'10 I think. They are all actors-idols. You might see them around dramas taking small rolls and all and one of them was in Suspicious Maid I believe.
- Say Yes - You can listen to them here: http://youtu.be/cCj4E-UGxFYsarangified’s Video 108390411713 cCj4E-UGxFYsarangified’s Video 108390411713 cCj4E-UGxFY They are super underrated as well. They sometimes get hate because their style is apparently similar to CN Blue (and a mix of like LED Apple) but I love them nonetheless. Been meaning to cover one of their songs but they have no instrumentals SOBS. My favorite song by them is Virus. It's really cool. You can check it out here: http://youtu.be/dGuHkSX--X8sarangified’s Video 108390411713 dGuHkSX--X8sarangified’s Video 108390411713 dGuHkSX--X8 I MEAN HELLO DOUBLE DRUMMING? Um. No where near close to CN Blue okay (I freaking love bands if anyone knows me. I really love CN Blue so yeah. I just don't like how Say Yes kept getting hate for being compared to them.) They are pretty cool in my opinion. Since they have such a small fanbase (like their yt channel only has 50 something subscribers it's so sad), you can friend them and whatnot. LOL. I'm friends with the members on facebook and they update it time to time about them performing and whatnot. Also if you post on their walls and such, they do read it at times and like pictures and all. :3
- GOT7 - They recently debuted this month and although their song is so douchy, you can't help but like listen to it...? LOL. Idk but I've been a huge fan of JB and JR since I saw them on Dream High 2 and I really liked JJ Project so I'm super excited to see GOT7 finally debut.
- 5Live - They haven't officially debuted yet but they did sing in the OST for Pretty Man. You can check it out here: http://youtu.be/vYhdh11d5R4sarangified’s Video 108390411713 vYhdh11d5R4sarangified’s Video 108390411713 vYhdh11d5R4 LKSDJFLKSDFJS. Anyone who knows me, knows that I've been a fan of Park Jae Hyung since his appearance on KPOP Star. I spazzed when I found out I am a top comment on one of his covers on his channel like omg. But anyways, urgh. Their vocals are just. <3 AND ANOTHER THING IS BRIAN KANG. Like my goodness, I have been following him since his covers with Terry He and Don Lee (they were all called the 3rd Degree). Pretty sad that Don Lee left training but I understand that he wants to be a pursue a career in the medical field (unless it changed but I still remember watching one of his vlogs saying he wanted to go into the medical field) and all. LOL. Omg. But yeah.
- GI (Global Icon) - No explanation is needed right. Like all that swag and all. LOL.
- AlphaBAT
- LC9

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sarangified’s Video 108390411713 ujg13EcFt7ssarangified’s Video 108390411713 ujg13EcFt7s

How is your elbow treating you these days?

Omg. LOL. I'm seriously curious now.
Um. It's treating me well I think. There are times where I'm pretty clumsy though and I accidentally hit it to some piece of furniture while walking and ALKSDJFLSKFJDS LOL

How big would you compare your nose with other celebrities?

Omg. LOL. Who is this? Whaaaaat. This questions confuses me tbh.
Although I always tell people I hate my nose because I feel like it's a bit big, I don't really... compare it with other celebrities LOL.

How do you feel while you are covering songs? I know feelings are hard to describe, but if you could, that would be amazing (:

Omg. There's so many feelings.
Well firstly it does depend on what emotion I'm trying to pull off (sad song? happy song? confidence song?). Though I feel as if I suck at pulling off emotions.
But overall I do think of something that has happened to me in the past, and that person (and many others) motivate me to sing the song and to keep trying harder (since there are times I feel like giving up in the middle of recording because it can be difficult and I sometimes record like one line 10+ times just so I can try to 'perfect' it). I feel like I'm trying to send a message to them despite not knowing if they would ever listen to it but it is the only way of contact at the moment. At the same time I'm releasing tons of stress that I've kept up since the last time I've recorded something. Sometimes I picture myself as if I'm in one of my daydreams I occasionally have LOL. Hoping and praying that someday it will happen. I'm mainly talking about my solo covers, the ones where I'm writing english versions and whatnot. (Though I only have one released so far and I'm like forever spending 2394082394820 years on it.)
The only time where I'm not feeling good is when I'm really busy but I need to record for collabs and I feel like all the deadlines are like drowning me or something.
Overall, I tend to feel good and accomplished (since the whole recording process and mixing can take hours) and at times bittersweet due to my feelings and what could have happened in the past and blah blah blah.
Then there are times where I'm working on verses and such and even though my friends say its good the way it is, I feel like it sucks. LOL. Mainly maybe because I listen to it 209280984203 times and I'm super strict on myself.
Well, I hope I described it in a way that is understandable. :3

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Are you still friends with someone from kindergarten?

Oh oh oh oh. Um yes! On facebook. LOL. I mean we don't talk but we connected again when I moved to a different high school but now we graduated so it's just facebook but we don't really talk but I consider us friends somewhat. LOL.

I see you watching tons of dramas. How many dramas have you watched? List as many.

LOL. omg. I do watch a lot of dramas (which isn't a good thing because like I should have used that time doing more productive things.) I can't really estimate how many dramas I've watched since I grew up watching kdramas and then later got into jdramas as well as the occasional Chinese and Taiwanese.
Lucky for you (and me I guess), I made a list of dramas I had watched back in like 2012 but I never went back to update it but I'll just copy and paste it and add any other dramas I remember watching. I think a few Japanese movies are in the list too but oh well.
I Give My First Love To You / Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
High School Debut
Shaken Baby
Detective Conan
Ouran High School Host Club
Hana Kimi (2007 & 2011)
Atashinichi no Danshi
Paradise Kiss
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Kimi ni Todoke
Hana Yori Dango (Season 1 & 2 + Movie)
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Nobuta wo Produce
Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata
Tokyo Girl
Kingyo Club
Futatsu no Spica
Samurai High School
Buzzer Beat
Asuko March!
Delicious Gakuin
How to Date an Otaku Girl
Akai Ito / Red Thread
Ikemen Desu Ne
Seigi no Mikata
Yukan Club
Bloody Monday
Bloody Monday 2
Yankee-kun to Megane-Chan
Seito Shokun!
Ghost Friends
Toi wo Kakeru Shoujo / The Girl Who Lept Through Time
Clone Babys
The Quiz Show 2
Liar Game (Season 1, 2, Final Stage )
Death Game Park
Keizoku 2 Spec
Himitsu no Hanazono
Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou
Mirai Nikki
Kaito Royale
Lady~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~
Yasuko to Kenji
Misaki Number One!!
Code Blue
Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato De
Kagi no Kakatta Heya
Risou no Musuko
Scrap Teacher
Ryusei no Kizuna
My Girl
Switch Girl (1 & 2)
Saigou no Yakusoku
Itazura na Kiss - Love in Tokyo
It Started With A Kiss
They Kiss Again
Why Why Love
Romantic Princess
Love Buffet
Momo Love
Skip Beat
Hayate the Combat Butler
Now for kdramas that I can think at the top of my head since I never made an actual list...
Stairway to Heaven
Winter Sonata
A Sad Love Story
Playful Kiss
Bridal Mask
Prosecutor Princess
Can You Hear My Heart
Incarnation of Money
Beautiful Man
Boys over Flowers
Hong Gil Dong
Lie To Me
Full House
Innocent Man
You're Beautiful
Cheongdamdong Alice
Good Doctor
Flower Boy Next Door
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
Jungle Fish 2
God's Quiz
When a Man Loves
Nail Shop Paris
Reply 1997
Dream High (1 & 2)
KPOP The Ultimate Audition
Queen In Hyun's Man
To The Beautiful You
God of Study
Full House Take 2
Mary Stayed Out All Night
Personal Taste
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Arang and the Magistrate
Master's Sun
The Greatest Love
Secret Angel
Currently watching:
Miss Korea
Inspiring Generation
My goodness...
And that's not even all the dramas I've watched yet.

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How many pillows do you sleep with?

3~ I would sleep with more but my bed is like a twin size. T.T
I use to have a full size bed though and I think I slept with like 8-9 pillows. LOL
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