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Ladies selling pics? Is it for fun, revenge or just profit?

I don't sell my pictures. They were stolen from me. 750,000 pics

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You ever been hungry but too sad to eat? Take one bite and I lose my appetite.

Force yourself to eat a few bites a lot of times during the day. That way you keep up your strength.

Armpit sniffers are kinky or gross?

Kinky. My husband had a really nice smelling deodorant that I always smelled on him

do you think it is possible that treatments for diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases may be hiding to get rid of the elderly?

Big pharma companies can't stay in business if they give out cures. They need sick people to make money from the innocent. They are only in business for treating symptoms not curing people. Try cannabis as an alternative to the big pharma treatment. Or use cannabis including with treatment.

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My friend has bad breath, what should I do?

Be a friend and avoid further embarrassment to your friend. So speak up privately.

If an old coworker that u used to talk with called u and said she misses u and says hi, would u think its creepy or sweet

Sweet. And very thoughtful


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