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"A man is known by the company he keeps". Did this saying prove itself correct or wrong according to your life experience?


What advice would you give to someone falling in love with you?

Arooshaa_4’s Profile PhotoAroosha
Is dor K insano m WAFA dhond rhy ho
Bade nadan ho
Zehr K sheeshi m DAWA dhond rhy ho

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Agr larki aur larka face to face islamic way mei nikah kren or 3rd person nikah prhwaye but nikah ki dua or khutby k bghair or ksii paper pr sign kye bghair. Kia is trhan nikah hojata hai? Only serious anss plzz

Naa I don't think so

- How many times have you written a message and are about to send it but you could not?

Kbhy count nhy kiya aj s shuru krta ho ...


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