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Have you ever used 👉👌 to tire your partner out to stop them from doing something (such as you two going on a hike or to the gym or to a restaurant to eat)?

No. If Eff them in the woods
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🥰 Should I tell my friend about his girlfriend's or boyfriend's cheting?

Depends, how close r u and how much do u really know about their relationship

Why do they say never say never, when they know that's not right?

How would u know if it is wrong?
I have experienced that it can get a lot worse or eventually better. Still waiting for somethings

How do I protect myself from cheating in a relationship? 🤩

Ummm……self control or tell your mate that u want to get alittle more frisky. Ask what each other’s fantasies r

Am I the only one who likes to be buck naked all the time when I'm home alone?

No. I like to be naked all the time or at least just wearing my boy short undies

When arguing w your mom, how often do you yell and scream at each other? Why?

She is dead, but I still yell at her.
She ignores me tho


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