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Ate Sas, honestly what's your take on this Zayn leaving the band issue? Everyone knows your a big fan of 1D and we are sad that you have to get through this :(

Honestly, it was devastating. When I read the official statement about Zayn leaving the band I couldn't help but cry. I'm used to seeing them complete during concerts & award shows and it's hard to imagine them now without the Bradford badboy. One Direction is an amazing band and they have done so much for pop music. I'm not saying this because I'm a fan but I guess the awards they received so far proved it. They are one of the greatest boy bands that have been around in a long time and it's sad witnessing one of them go (and one of my faves too, btw). But it is what it is. I wanted to scream at Zayn for being selfish, for leaving the band in the middle of their world tour but at the same time I want to hug him, tell him that everything will be alright and we respect his decision. Knowing Zayn, I know it took a lot of courage for him to decide on this and that's why even though it was a "stupid" move I salute him for doing what he feels is right. The fact that 1D will never be the same again haven't sunk in yet but I know it will in time. It won't change how I feel, 4 years supporting them is not a joke. I've sacrificed a lot and it's just stupid if I let that all go because one of them left. Whether Zayn decides to go solo or go for another band, I will still support him just as much as I will support Liam, Niall, Harry & Louis because that's what I signed up for in the first place. Anyway, I really really appreciate your concern. Thank you! :') I've been wanting to let this all out since yesterday but I'm scared I might end up just ranting so I needed time to cool down before I say anything about this issue :)

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do you have picture of harry up close????

You see, this is not a very nice picture of Harry up-close. I have 2 reasons! First, I left my digital camera back in Manila. Second, I was shaking the whole freaking time when he got closer and my shitty phone wasn't helping at all. I'm fine with it tho, I still have a vivid picture in my mind what exactly happened when he looked at me straight in the eye :"""")

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What's the worst news you got today?

1. My friend is injured and can't play for the rest of the UAAP season anymore.
2. My parents are going to HK on March 18, the same day as OTRA Hongkong and they're coming back in Manila on March 20 same time with 1D!! There's a HUUUUGE possibility they're meeting the boys in the airport. And it sucks. I'm still trying to persuade them to let me come :(

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Let's say someone were to court you. What qualities, characteristics, personality, and/or quirks do you like in a man and would turn you on?

I've answered this before, so I'll just copy paste it here haha "As far as looks are concerned, I want a guy who is tall, structured jaw, not too skinny, fashionable to some extent, and fair-skinned. I generally go for guys with these features. But yeah I guess, I just want a guy who has time to actually be with me. Capable of having an intelligent conversation, plans to do something with his life- but not obsessed with his future plans. Somebody who is relaxed and chill- just knows how to have a decent time, not always stressed. Someone who doesn't feel the same way that everyone else does about me. They must understand that I have a life aside from them and can't expect me to throw everything away now that I'm dating them :)"

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how did you get over with your ex?

Time.... Time... Time. Only time will take that away. It's natural to mourn a loss ESPECIALLY a relationship break-up. I know people say to get out and do things but when you are hung up on a guy its really hard to concentrate on doing other things...I found talking to my close friends really helpful also the no contact rule :) but then again, do something that makes you happy and use that positive energy to overpower the negative ones.

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