are you dedicated towards certain brands? (like only N*ke or *didas-sneakers, S*ny headphones and such)

tl;dr: No.
Long version: There was a time when I was a Sony fanboy, but they taught me that being a fanboy for a brand is a terrible idea (PS4, new VAIO laptops, their "smart" TVs, ...), so I stopped. I only care about the quality of the products I want, I don't care at all about the brand, if "For Retards" as a brand would create a better CPU than Intel, I would buy it. The only brands I "care" about are the ones that create shit products and I make sure to don't buy anything from them until it's proven good even in long term tests.
(Right now I hate Sony from the bottom of my heart, but the PS4 controller is amazing, so I'll buy one sooner or later.)

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