Ask @sasukeskapa:

how to stop yaoi from spreading?

I don't think it needs to stop, that's the best thing to make shoujos shut up about yuri :) If they badmouth yuri you only need to mention yaoi and they'll shut up or burn themselves quite hard if you're on top of your arguments :) Also as long as I love yuri I don't think I can badmouth the same thing for shoujos. The only thing that pisses me off is that it starts to get into anime it totally shouldn't get into: Kyokai no Kanata, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, etc, these are clearly made for male audience so please fuck off with yaoi / BL scenes, keep them in Free, Kuroko no Basket and the likes and don't make us vomit for no reason.

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if you could only watch one anime series which one would it be?

Monogatari series FTW :D
I love this series more than everything else combined (anime, manga, games, movies, humans, everything), I have feelings for it far surpassing love :) It's everything I love and nothing I only like or less :D Everything in it is my favorite, SHAFT is my favorite studio, Senjougahara is my favorite character ever, Black Hanekawa is my favorite nekomimi shoujo ever, Araragi is my favorite male character ever, it's dialogue / monologue heavy style is my favored style for any type of media and so on and on :D On a 10 point scale this is the only thing that I'd give 11 points and feel like it would deserve more because nothing else comes even close or even compare :)

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How did you come up with your username?

Someone started using my earlier one and I wanted a unique user name, just for me, so that I'll be able to use it on every site I'll register to make it easier to find me. (It pisses me off a lot when someone uses different names on every site out there and than even change those like every day/month/year. It makes it impossible to find a Twitter friend on MAL for example.)
So I decided that I'll use 3 languages and spice it up a lot :D So here is the way I did it:
sasuke - Naruto was my favorite anime at the time and Sasuke Uchiha was my favorite character and I even liked the name so I put it in my nickname. (Just to be sure I came to hate Naruto a lot, but this name just grown to me enough to keep it, likely forever :D)
s - this is the 's from English as sasuke's eyes or whatever
kapa - the Hungarian equivalent of hoe, as the part which will make it pretty them unlikely to someone else come up with the exact same name, because why the hell would you put hoe in your nickname??? Especially in the Hungarian form??? And I'm quite sure that only a few people know what that is and still wouldn't even think about it :)
So my nickname is basically "sasuke's hoe" made from 3 different languages :D Quite unigue if you ask me, and still nobody tried to steal it :D
(Also I only changed avatar once (it was necessary, because the old one was inappropriate for most sites. (My 1st avatar was Bayonetta's gorgeous butt, but I couldn't keep it everywhere so than came my absolute favorite face to take it's place. Kuro Hanekawa FTW :D)) and use the same on every site I use, just to make easy to find me and not to piss of someone who searches for me on multiple sites.)

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