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Shoutout to the girls minding their business, spending time with God, getting to know themselves, and chasing their goals. 🧚🏻‍♀️

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i don't know about your god but yes, as we should.

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Boring ba yung relationship kapag walang s*x?

no. hindi ko alam kung may mga tao ba talagang need iyong sex sa relationship pero kapag in love ka talaga? touching their hands already feels like one. it's all in the name of intimacy. sex is just bonus.

Sentimental na bagay na iniingatan mo?

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iyong gifts sakin ng friends ko before. dalawang books at isang miniature na portrait ko kuno (artist 'yung isa kasi). 2019 pa 'yon but i'm still keeping those even if we don't talk anymore.
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Sometimes a person doesn’t even love you for real. They just know you’re a good person and they would hate to see you loving another the way you loved them.

and that's on selfishness & obsession

Sa mga NBSB jan, how will you know pag ready ka na pumasok sa isang relationship??

well, kapag nbsb, nasasanay na talagang mag-isa lang. hindi in a way na nakakalungkot. you know? contented. but i will be ready if someone happens to be more fascinating than my solitude.

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