Ask @savethegeneration:

Why lead youth?

Growing up, I was in a household where going to church or not going to church wasn't a choice. We didn't decide to skip church just because the previous night was 'late' or because we put-off doing our homework. When I hit high school, my faith became something that was mine and not something I was told to do. That's when God became 'real' to me because I realized the world wasn't as simple or wholesome or safe as I previously thought. I realized that the world can be cold and full of tons of things that promise a lot of temporary pleasure but had no meaning. Having this realization helped me to get through my own periods of temptations and to pull out of my own seasons of wrong-doing. Without Christ in my life as a teen, I don't know where I'd be today. I want that same foundation for every single youth in our church and throughout our community.

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who is your favorite student in youth

'Favorite' is a hard word to match to a particular person, but I definitely have people that help me to be a better person. Those people change from year to year, month to month, and even from week to week. The one constant is that those people that force me to be better are those that I can tell are not here for games, music, or even to listen to me... but those that I can tell are here because they know there is something bigger than any person, activity, or from participating in 'church'. As someone who really believes all this 'God stuff' we talk about, I get excited and motivated by seeing students who I can tell are forming real relationships each week.

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So why are you half bald?

Way back in the 1990s, a trend was popular called 'frosting'. So I go into a place to get my bountiful hair cut and ask to get my tips frosted. The lady says "I have this new stuff so let's see how it works". Long story short, she burned my scalp and my hair has been thin ever since. There is a lesson in there somewhere about following pop trends.
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