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بہت خیال رکھتے ہو اپنے دل کا اِدھر نہیں لگتا تو اُدھر لگا لیتے ہو 🥀

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Ispe Fazal Jameel ka aik bohot khoobsurat shaer hai:
Mujhe udaas kergaye ho, khush raho!
Mere mizaj per gaye ho, khush raho!
Aur mere liye na ruk sake toh kya hua
Jahan kahi ruk gaye ho khush raho!
Aur udaas ho kisi ke bewafai per
Wafa kahi toh kergaye ho, Khush raho!


Gham e dil sunane ko jee chahta hai
Tumhe aazmane ko jee chahta hai
Suna hai ke jab se bohot dur ho tum
Bohot dur jane ko jee chahta hai
Unhe hamse koi shikayat nahi hai
Bas u he rooth jane ko jee chahta hai
Faqat hai yahi unki nazro ka dhokha
Ke dhokhe mai ane ko jee chahta hai
Dua hai ke hamse wo so bar roothe
Hamara manane ko jee chahta hai

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What do you do when the person you love, doesn’t love you back?

Us pyar ka maza he kuch aur hai, na uska tumpe koi zor hota khatam kerne ka na tumhara bas chalta usko khatam kerne ka aur ye shaer toh suna he hoga
Gar baazi ishq ki baazi hai, jo chaho laga do dar kaisa
Ager jeet gaye toh kya kehna, ager haare bhi toh baazimat nahi - faiz ahmad faiz

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why I trust every wrong one 😓

Bcz you desperately want to believe them even though yk what they’re offering is too good to be true and they always appear like persuasive, the winners or impressive and they always validate what you need to believe about yourself and they kinda make you feel like there is someone who recognises your talents. So you trust!

What is self love ?

Yar self love is the thing which is the first step stair to love someone else, as in my opinion one cannot love the other person till he or she do not love him/herself because you need to be perfect for the person you want your future with, I swear I hate such shits that accept me the way I’m blah blah these are fucking dramatic lines so long story short give your best to the person you want to live with and you can it by this first step as you can work on your personality or do anything with yourself which makes you feel confident and comfortable. Maybe many criticism is on its way but freedom of speech so chill and ilytoo.


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