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*cackles abt the Lynne thing + JS Inc building* oh man, u have the best fans, J

Do you know about the app "Vent"? There's a group on there (created tonight) made just to discuss MTH!

which color do you think makes the most progress in the coming chapter?

I saw an answer the other day that was a video and you said it was "Blossoms shit" and I want to watch it but I can't find it what do I dooooo

Confession: the only reason i have is so that i can follow you ๐Ÿ˜… don't worry i'm not some creepy stalker... but a stalker still...haha

Are you really going to update MTH after all these years?!??!? This is the best moment of mylife... I'm literrly turning 20 years on 17th July and this is the best birthday gift I could have... Thank you <3

It would be interesting to see Brick have to perform Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. Having to wear a glittery jacket + the glove ๐Ÿ˜ญ.

blossom performing it would be way better


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I saw that you did the 100 question memes for the greens and the blues, do you plan on doing it for the reds? :)


Sure, why not? I'll put that on the list after I finally wrap up this write-up on my Greens playlist :)

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a mailing list sounds pretty cool!

Groovy, I'll start looking into it, especially if more people are into the idea

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staRT POSTING? POSTING? Rewind - do you mean the M fic or MTH???? OH GAWD

The M fic!

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will the story go up on as well?


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Woo unpopular opinion time! I was rereading and I realized that despite everything I really don't relate to Blossom and I have a mild dislike of her. Despite how often she preaches helping others, she's quite selfish and her self-righteousness makes me want to scream sometimes, it's (1/2)

"2/2) seriously the only time I ever agree with Brick. I still think she's a great character, and, contradicting myself, I do love her, but she has her moments when I just think "wow I don't like you right now." But that's just my opinion *le shrug* she's definitely gotten better in later chapters"

This is definitely a built-in character flaw ;)

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What is dreamwidth and how do I do it

Here is my Dreamwidth! (It's a Livejournal dupe)

Also yes I know Livejournal is V Old Internet but I am also a V Old

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I just... every time I read this story, I am completely blown away at the phenomenal development of all of the characters and there relationships. It just feels so natural, something that's rare to find even in some "professional" works. Keep up the good work!

so I was stalking very deeply down under and was slightly confused. So the girls and the boys all have super big eyes and stub hands? I was wondering if I was imagining the characters differently than what was intended ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“

Yes and yes, but it's okay to have a different image in your head!

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How will we know when the next chapter of MTH comes out? I've been aching for more and driving my friends crazy ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ’œ

It'll probably go up on my Dreamwidth - I'll try to announce it here! I'll also probably shoot a note to the blogmods over at the fan Tumblr :)

I've actually been thinking about setting up a mailing list, too, to make it easier for y'all to know. But it'll probably be quite some time before I can go about getting that set up. We'll see!

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Have you got your first draft of the revised chp. 10 back from your betas? That said, whoooo so excited for the next chapter, whenever it comes out!

It's actually 2nd draft that was sent out and that's the one I'm waiting for feedback on now! I'll probably pick up that M fic I was working on in the next week or so... and start... posting...

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Part of me never wants MTH to end because I can't imagine not having any more of it to read, and to basically get radio silence from you :( MTH leaks into my everyday life and I don't want it to go. Oh gaaaawd now I've gone and made myself sad

I appreciate your tears, but I also feel compelled to tell you that it is actually more difficult to shut me up than you previously thought

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I just finished reading MTH and I absolutely love it! I've made some fanarts too!


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This is a random question: in the original show, the girls all had what seemed like purple eyelids. Does that apply to the girls in TEF?


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Opinions on Glee? :P

I enjoyed the first season and never watched it again after that!

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Hey sbj, I was just wondering, how far are you up to in terms of like "raw" writing? Nothing to do with updates or betas or anything, just much of the fic have you actually written, even in its most basic/first draft form? x

Here's a screenshot of the current WIP chapters in my writing directory - all at least completed first drafts.

In addition to this I also have a 66-page "live" working document with several scenes I've written in advance, including the very last scene of the story. I'm running a bit of a risk writing all those pieces in advance - stories and characters take on lives of their own and they may not wind up where you initially planned for them to go - but I'm hoping that work won't go to waste. We'll see.

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I was being a total creep scrolling back through answer after answer, and saw how much longer the 10/11a side chapters are compared to the previous ones. Are all side chapters set in the past? Also it never occurred to me how friggin excited I am about the possible content of other side chapters agh

Not necessarily!

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Wai wai wai wait if JS Inc had bought the property (as Brick says when he talks about the installed training simulator), then how come they still have to pay rent? Cos I think you said that JS Inc usually takes care of the rent, until they stopped doing that and Brick had to ask Mrs. Morbucks. HMMMM



(h/t to completelyseriouscomics for this image that everyone uses but no one knows where it came from)

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Omg sbj I was just reading through your old trivia posts and I'm literally cackling at how much you managed to fuck up the Lynne/Lynn/Melody thingy. Why...why did you change Lynn to Melody?? You're so incredibly consistent and scrutinising with everything else and then this I cannot smh lmao

lol bc she's a fake character for a play within a fanfic and so i got embarrassingly careless

it's awful

sorry lynne/lynn/melody

this is to be your legacy

(i honestly don't even remember what i settled on as her final name, this is how much of a non-entity she is to me)

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