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Do you have a hunch on how your life might end?

Been having super vivid scary ass dreams. I think my time is coming soon. I don’t even know what to think
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If one is living paycheck to paycheck while working, how tf he or she would survive when they freaking stop working?

Currently this is my struggle. I was blackmailed and threatened by some psycho that got ahold of mine and my children’s social security number. Threatened to leak them so all the money I was making on here just poof. Gone. I don’t even know what to do at this point

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Ladies, a billionaire offers u a million dollars tax free money just for one night of savage sex, would you do it?

At this point in my life. Why tf not
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Is it appropriate to offer a child a gift that their parents couldn't afford?

As long as you get the okay from the parents. I don’t see why not

Do men neglect their mental health🤔

I think more do than putting pride aside and asking for help. And it makes me sad

Seriously how's your mental health doing?

Holding on by a thread. But continues to laugh bc idk what the Fuck is going on in there

I fucking love you!!!!! Stop with the fucking whining and just accept

Sheesh okay. Where am I whining at?!?

When one hit rock bottom and have nothing else to live for then what now?

I’ve been there. Actually I’m currently there. Although it don’t seem like it matters at the moment. You can either be a little bitch and give up or stay focused on bettering your life. Imagine your glow up in a few months. Don’t let the hating ass bitches win

What are you doing today?!

Tryna make some $$$. I’ve tapped into my creative side so new OF content coming soon, crocheted some cute ass tops/decor/must haves, tattooing friends and yeah. Money money money 💰 would you be interested in supporting your fav badass artist 😙😍
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Hey ladies, at what point in your life that you considered of getting a super rich Sugar Daddy?

At this exact point in life Lmao

Are you open minded, close minded or narrow minded person?

I try my hardest to be open minded but I gotta admit I’m stubborn af 🥲


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