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NO. You're a goodie goodie. You always will be in my eyes. :3

Lol whats the point of being anon when you say things that ive heard from you before XD

You don't break the law! You're too good!

Ehhhh as long as everyone thinks that then i'll be able to get away with it ^_^

What do you notice when you walk into someone's home for the first time?

The color of the walls, I love nice warm colors on the walls. Like deep Purples and such. It makes the place feel homely and then I never want to leave... lol

How does it feel to be the awesome-est person ever?

Haha I disagree with you, but thanks for the sentiment <3 and it feels "Like warm apple pie." Bonus points if you get the reference ^_^

How is life treating you?

Wow that is the most simplistic yet devastating question ever. Its stabbing me and feeding me cake at the same time.... damn that personification is book worthy


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