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Will you please take accountability for your own actions ?

AND FUCK EVERYONE SITTING AROUND AND SUPPORTING THIS I AM GONE YOU CAN question me all night come find me privately you are ALL fake
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You know nothing about me. 🔌🎥🔌🎥🔌🎥🔌🎥🔌🎥🔌🎥🔌⚽💀

Aw Matt. Cute.
I’d like.. to play a game.
*Jigsaw theme music plays*
Now turn this shit off
I log in after a day of being thankful for my ability to give and at this point I am being harassed your pretty little Ghostface is logging tf out

What happened with your last most recent relationship

He wanted to marry me after 12 days and live in a trailer park forever so I said NO. Texted Kenz ended it and then we reconnect when I was feeling depressed and he sent home a bomb and at this point what is the goal Charles Lee Ray what’s ur point

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What are you doing now 🤔

For the past four hours I have been spending millions buying things and saving lives getting accepted into Ivy League schools connecting with celebrities holding my dick in my hand and signing checks holy fuck I’m becoming my stories

Do you have any kids and how many

Absolutely fuckin not I don’t want babies I want potty trained CHILDREN you clean up their shit I do it enough with dogs tf

Have you ever been called “weak” by someone? One of my parents has been calling me weak lately. Yet in my perspective I have been strong for too long.

The predators pick on the weak and we the children are constantly flipping the switch. Love lockdown at this point because *makes a whatever gesture* wtf are we doing here folks let’s get some degrees I just got accepted into multiple colleges around the country let’s keep it all right and tight

Every time I get rejected or let down I get small cosmetic procedures to feel better

I use natural supplements I have NEVER paid money to enhance MY junk

When is the last time you ate?

I just ate a bucket of chicken 3 hamburgers and 4 pb & j’s almost like it was a competition

Men are afraid to leave the house.

Because men are ready to fight a bitch if they ever break in. Men can KICK! PUNCH! Lift a bunch of people in the air and THROW em. *giggles* IM IN DANGER.

Can you count ?

10 x 10 = 100
100 x 10 = 1000
Stop! Collaborate and listen

What really grinds your gears?

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when people are mad because I stopped getting even and started just simply being both - CRAZY and RILL

What do you think would happen if you got a chance to cuddle with your crush? Would you simply pass away like me?

Physically yes but we would hold each other all summer long


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