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U wanna get mad at me for not talking to u but yet u dont talk on here to me so hiw does that work

it doesn't

Have you ever started a fight you couldn't finish

This one time someone tried fighting me right in front of the principals office.i was 18 and he was 17....so...

Would you ever be friends with people who have different views to you?

Yes. I'll be friends with anyone right about now.

If you were really hungry, really exhausted and really gross, what would you do first – eat, nap or shower?

Shower, eat, nap

I don't have any specific question , so you can tell me one thing that doesn't know anyone else

I have one too. What?

I'm a nudist sharing a house with two girls in their early 20s neither of which I'm sleeping with. Is it okay to be nude around them?

Who's house is it? Yours yes. Theirs no.


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