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How do you even have the time and energy for this shit honestly

I don't usually. That is why I'm only on a bit whenever

Would you be ok with having a partner that your family doesn’t accept or would you always choose to be with someone your family is ok with you dating?

My family accepts anyone I accept. They respect my opinion & decisions because I only hang with truly good people. 💯

If you were to live life as a mythological creature, which would you choose? Why? 🐉🧚🧜‍♀️

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Unicorn because I wanted one when I was little🤣
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Wondering if you’ll ever open up 🙍‍♂️

Depends on the person. I don't rush though. Everything will be as it should be.😊
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If you've been to a convention of any kind, what did you think of it? 📚🎮🦸

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Guns & cars...it was ok, interesting I guess
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Why is it after a breakup all the creeps and pervs come out wanting to talk and offer a shoulder to cry on and someone that will listen to everything you're going through trying to be sympathetic when really they AINT HEARD A WORD IF WHA U SAID, they just want to get in your pants!! I hate men!! 😠

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I've experienced this too myself. Almost like sharks with blood in the water, looking for easy prey. 💯
To be fair though, there are still a few good guys in this world too. They should not suffer for what the shitty men have done & do. Keep your guard up!! 🤗

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How to make a female unattracted to you without being mean?

Depends on how often you have to deal with her & your current status with her. Tell me more specifically & I'll give you the best advice I can.

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Just curious what would cause a man to become so heartless is it other women that have jaded him and why would he give up finally meeting someone who could love him because he was so jaded about an ex and why would he take out all that anger on an ex on somebody that's innocent like me Im not her

He is a narcissistic prick maybe by DNA or past who knows but those will likely never change. Don't sacrifice for someone who is a psychopath & will turn around & ruin your life after all you give up for him & stand by him... Trust me!! 💯

I have been thinking of somebody lately and I wonder have they ever loved someone ever in their life have they ever given a woman flowers in the bedroom is it always about them are they ever done something out of the kindness of their heart I have never met a more empty soulless person in my life

What in the hell are you doing? You will waste your life with this guy!!

Why do people like Gatorade? that shxt is more tasteless than white people's food.

You'd be the 1st one crying about racism too I bet 😝

Would you rather fight a gorilla or a kangaroo?

😂neither but if forced, kangaroo...nobody can fight a gorilla. Those things are like 10x the strength of any person 💯


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