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Do you think Koito from Phantom World is similar to Ogiue to some extent (for one, they both initially seems to shun social relationships out of fear of harming others with what they can do)?

Halimun Muhammad
One thing they have in common is that I think both characters are fantastic.
I think it's not entirely clear if Koito avoids social contact out of fear of hurting others (unless I missed something while watching!), but her general reticence and the degree to which the show breaks down their facades is fairly Ogiue-esque.
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What current anime are you watching?

A lot of shows! I'm really enjoying My Love Story, Snow White with the Red Hair, Gatchaman Crowds Insight, and Aquarion Logos. Of these, Gatchaman Crowds Insight is probably my favorite. It's a super clever show and I'm impressed with how they've moved forward from Season 1.

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