Ask @seaira_deann25:

Have you ever been called to school principal’s office? If yes, for what?

Yes. For going to the bathroom for too long bc they thought I was skipping

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Actually I do know you. I'm in your 1st class.

Ok then I'll see you tomorrow and we'll straighten things out.. Bc I don't like Daniel like that. I like someone else. So leave me alone

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Oh and I heard you we're talking to Daniel. you betta back off or Christy's friends gon gang up on you.

I'm not talking to Daniel... It's all a misunderstanding I don't wanna fight anyone. So leave me alone

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yes she is asking herself stuff or she wouldn't put the words "whoever you are" on everything.

Bc idk who anyone is!! So stop assuming I ask myself questions. Bc I don't even know you. I've never met you before. And I don't think you even know me so... Stop stalking me and get a life stupid

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