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What are your favorite nighttime activities? (Late night drives, bonfires, walks, etc.)

Video games, night drives, game night,

Should I quit my job ?

My first question is why would you feel this way? That will determine my answer

How many of you know about customized tumblers? Like glittered ones, etc.

I know a bit about it and think they’re kickass

Do you always want more or can you appreciate small things?

I’m more of a minimalist except for a few certain things

Would you rather work hard for 1 million dollar (takes 4 years) or get 100,000 handed to you straight away?

kaylaraspolich’s Profile PhotoKayla Raspolich
The 100,000 but not for me. To support my family who had supported me when I didn’t deserve it

My shipment of horse eggs from Cambodia was usurped by the magical sea monkeys. Who do I contact for a refund?

Cambodian leader


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