Ask @sebastianjimenez23:

Bebés!!😍 Que tal se la pasaron?🌻 Bueno vamos a cambiar la portada y muchos quieren el filtro de perrito y otro el de flores así que la portada va hacer con el filtro del perrito🙈 Ya después haremos un collage con el de flores va?💘 Así que déjenos una foto de ustedes con el filtro del perrito😊

99 Matutino y Vespertino❤
Dijeron que si queriamos con el de flores, jajaja 😛 ¿Aun no es tarde? 😂💔

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I have to write another, you are always there to me, to help me, to bring me some wisdom words, I like the idea that you can travel to USA because like that you can visit me, I will wait for you, well to all of this I want to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR. ❤️🙌🏻

And I'll be there always you need me.
Yes, I will go to see you, promise
I will go for you
Happy new year too
I love you, Ana.

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Piña, I'm going to write this in English because you are the only person who I can talk like that, well you are one of the most importante person in my life, we made pinki promise the other day, and we said that we'll be together all the life, you are my little brother that always help me. ❤️✋🏻

Ana, I really going to miss you, you are so important for me, I promise that I'm going to see you, anywhere you stay
We'll be together always, pinki promise 😭 💕 I miss you so much, and I Can't say goodbye to you In person, that's too sad and bad ):

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