Ask @seeratsofi:

Name a guy you can never hate and why?

Person I can never hate is Naqi Bhaiya. I have no power over hating him. I can actually not talk to him for days, weeks, months, or years, and In my heart, my love for him have never decreased. I am a princess guarded by a big brother, I always get that secure feeling while talking to him. No matter what happens, Whether he texts or not, whether he calls or not, whether we meet or not, I always have this feeling that I have his back (My mind argues about it, but my heart settles it down). There have been times when he was not there, when I needed him most, and there are times, when I dial his number, but I dont press the call button for some reason, But I technically have failed to hate him.
Maybe, because, he was there when no one else was. or maybe, he is still there, when I lose my control over myselfs. Maybe its just a false belief. !!
Maybe, he is just too perfect to be not hated!!

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