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So Kansai people and accentless people need to learn Tokyo-type accent first in order to write correctly?(日本文を読むことを解れども、しかれども書くを能はず。これを謝る。)

Answer: No, but...
Any dialect is welcome.
If the speaker of another dialect knows his/her accent enough, he/she can use the acute accent mark for accent nuclei.
And spelling follows the history of the phonology of each dialect.
No difference with the Tokyo dialect.
However, as you see, the rules I wrote is based on the Tokyo dialect.
And the diacritic marks used in the current segsyóxafu may be unsuitable for the accents of other dialects(in particular, Kansai or ancient dialects).
Because of these, there can be many problems in writing in other dialects.
Probably I don't have enough knowledge of other dialects to solve them yet.
So, more accurately, the answer is like the following:
If the writer wants to write in the Tokyo dialect, he/she needs to learn the Tokyo dialect including its accent.
If the writer wants to write in his/her dialect, he/she needs to learn the system of the dialect and to make new rules.
Thank you for the good question!
And I'm happy to know there is a reader who is not a native Japanese speaker.
I wish Segsyóxafu could help you study Japanese in some way!
Tokyo: Togkyag
Kansai: Kwánsai

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