How did you learn how to program? :)

Keith Kaisershot
I first started programming through needing to use Mathematica, Matlab, and Maple in physics classes. It was fun to visualize my math equations and use it to help me solve problems. I remember working with an experienced programmer on one project and I just thought he was a total magician. Programming seemed so cool.
Then I went back to school to major in computer science, and studied mostly Haskell and Java and a bit of C++ alongside learning about computer science theory.
And I feel like I am constantly learning about C++. I learned a *whole lot* of C++ and graphics programming on the job. I didn't really know much about it in school. Having a mentor willing to teach you and/or a goal in mind is one of the best ways to learn this, I think-- there's just so much to the language, and it's nice to focus in on what's immediately useful and expand from there.