I just finished my first semester of programming, and want to get started with graphics asap. I noticed you rt the Graphics Codex and am considering using that alongside Computer Graphics: Principles an Practice (even though I don't have the "prereqs"). Would you recommend this, or an alt. method?

Oh gosh, I'm definitely no expert in the academics of graphics programming. I haven't tried it too much myself, but I've heard excellent things about the Graphics Codex. I've also heard excellent things about The Foundations of Game Engine Development (http://foundationsofgameenginedev.com/)-- there's a book on rendering there. And when I posted a little blog post about graphics programming earlier this year, the responses to it were chock-full of invaluable graphics programming resources (https://twitter.com/sehurlburt/status/791943653056929792). Definitely skim through all of those and read up on them! Lastly, follow graphics programmer blogs! Nathan put together an awesome list here: https://gist.github.com/Reedbeta/dd800c6bda59c3351fbd3474acbea430 .
What I can recommend with more confidence is starting a project yourself and getting your hands dirty ASAP. I am biased and don't have much academic experience, but I can say from my own experience it's easy to get overwhelmed by theory and there's a lot you can learn while you program. For getting jobs, people also really value seeing projects that you've completed. Going through your school class could be a great way to start a project while getting valuable support on it, and if you need ideas for projects you can reference the resources above.

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