M25, recently finished BA in Computer Science in DE, but realized just how little practical knowl. I have. Previously done small projects w/ VR (Unity), Web dev, Linux-server admin., but never got *really* deep into one bc I find all of them equally interesting :( Where would Stephanie go from here?

Dennis Martin Herbers
This is a good question, and honestly a pretty tough one for me to answer since I'm not sure of all the details of your situation.
It really depends. You can check out my answer to this question that's related: http://ask.fm/sehurlburt/answers/141797444047 . Basically a student asked whether they should take time off or get a job right away, and I suggested getting a job right away (and maybe negotiating for a bit of time off first once that job is secure).
I'd say to read over the subtleties of that answer, but that's probably what you should do too. Aim to get a job. Look around in all the areas you're interested in-- it's totally fine if you don't have a lot of experience, learn on the job.
If you can, while you're looking, try to talk to someone in the fields you're interested in. See if there's anyone who seems cool here: http://stephaniehurlburt.com/blog/2016/11/14/list-of-engineers-willing-to-mentor-you . The nice benefit of this is it'll help you decide what career path would be best, but they also may be able to introduce you to people and even refer you to places, which is so valuable. They could tell you about opportunities you wouldn't know of otherwise. If you can, go to local meetups and try to meet people other ways too.
Check out this answer as well: http://ask.fm/sehurlburt/answers/141783968463 . Some general advice on finding jobs. Linking to other answers is a great way to get past the ask.fm character limit. ;)
One area I'm not as familiar with is a path some take-- continuing school, going on into academia and maybe going for a PhD. I'm not sure if that's the right path for you, but it's something you can ask about as well!
Don't worry about finding the perfect place right away-- getting that first job is often the hardest for people. But still try to get the best you can! I wish you the best of luck. :)