After three very stressful college years (first one was OK) I finally graduated last year. I enjoyed the subject of computer science and programming, but I feel like I've a negative association with it due to being so stressed out and unable to stop for a breather. Do you have any advice for this?

Oh man, I understand what you mean by being stressed out and unable to stop for a breather.
I think the right answer for you will depend a lot on your personal circumstances, especially financially.
For me, I worked pretty much nonstop throughout college and was exhausted, but still jumped right into a junior coding job. I continued to be exhausted, trying to do what I felt was proving I earned my spot there while pretty much learning C++ and having to ship products with it. Not so fun.
But looking back on it, I think I may have struggled more in the long run if I'd waited too long. I didn't go to a very well known school, didn't have many sample projects to show, didn't know many practical coding skills. My professor offered me a recommendation and that was how I got this job, and I'm not sure I would've gotten another offer as easily or another offer that was as good (it was, overall, a really good job). I had a steady job, but one that didn't make a lot of money and that I wasn't comfortable staying in for too long.
Looking back, I think the advice I would give my past self would be to negotiate for a few weeks off-- or more!-- before beginning this first job. Usually companies don't really care, and the worst they'll say is no.
If you can live comfortably while you wait, or are confident it won't be hard to find work in tech for whatever reason-- maybe it's wise to take some time off. But I'd probably default to telling you to go get a job, and negotiate some time off before you start. People always tell me getting your first tech job's the hardest-- so just jump in and try now, then you can feel safe.
Hang in there. Make sure you sleep well, eat healthy, and stay very positive and confident. I wish you the best!

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