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Latest answers from sejlavaljevac

Tbh you're one of my best friends and I love you so much aw. You're so pretty and I can tell you anything bc I can trust you. But yeah we need to hangout soon. Rate: bms

Helloitsemilyjade’s Profile PhotoEmily Jade
yess we need to hangout asap ily2


Youre an asshole alot of the time but youre a good friend and really funny and weird af. I can trust you with anything EVEN THO IM NOT YOURE BESTFRIEND but I still love you

Thoughts on me, fr this time -.-

GavinnRemsenn’s Profile PhotoGavin Remsen
Youre one of my good friends and youre really cool. youre really funny and you can always make me laugh or lift my mood. Youre always mean to me but its ok cuz ily

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