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waiting for the lil red notifications to appear when i opened ask.fm used 2 b the most suspenseful thing that ever happened in my life

aw me too omg the terror
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little things make me miss u little things w like obscure connections to u and us in my brain that might not make sense let me try n think of some,,, last night when i looked at my hand holding my cup of iced coffee

:~~~~~~) ilysm i know what u mean
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was sooooo pretty w mini lily pads everywhere and the sun setting and also the moon shining it was nice as hell and us three were talkin abt veganism and knowin the farmer

that sounds awesome aw

fallin asleep/wakin up n everything in between i feel sooo panicked ,,, but also today was just a real bad day bg woke me up at 8 yelling at me abt how lazy i was & i had to stay home & clean the house while they went to the 100 mile yard sale that i wanted to go to omg

im so sorry about this day princess i love u im sorry u were stressin
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n how sometimes she feels like she should try n be more social but not rlly bc the friends u have should understand that some days u don't want to talk n i was like tru

aw thats cool !!! yea amanda said u hung w them for a lil while,,,, rachael is cool aw
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brooks was there LOL n lots of straight people.... at first it felt like hhhhhhhh okay straight ppl but it got better n better, west said hi to me excitedly like he always does n i always appreciate it , i was talkin to devan and ashlee and they invited me to walk w them to the pond which

awwww aw i didnt know west does that thats cool,,, aw aw glad it was nice
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when i was making ur seventeenth birthday present n researching 17 songs i came across 'anthems for a seventeen year old girl' by broken social scene SO MANY TIMES AND I DIDN TLISTEN OR THINK ABT IT ALL OR REALIZE WHERE IT WAS FROM and i still cant believe this a personal failure truly

omggggggggomg tru
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