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I want an opinion bc swag

Oh look who's here mr.idiot ;-; bhahaha sorry cx so so we are bestfriends since one year and I still don't regret the day I met you you were so shy and sweet awww not like now you call with names that hurt me :'c lel
So we have been tho so much but aye that makes our friendship stronger , doesn't it ? We talk 24/7 , everyday every night yunno I'm such a big mahomie but you still insult me what a meanie lel you are such a cute person with a big heart I adore your eyes they are cute asf .-. You are so talented as I'm obsessed with your songs and you know it I'm proud of you everyone is proud of you we are all proud of you don't pay attention for haters because you are amazing ( but me more ;-; ) you are the only boy who knows me , who knows every single little thing about me and that means a lot because you stayed up by my side you never left me even tho we had some little fights but just with one word we forget everything tbh a friendship without fights that's not what I call a friendship , ah I'm tired lel all this to say that I adore you and hate you so much but I adore you lel ;-; oh ps : we need to hang out soon and don't worth I didn't forget I'll buy you a pizza ✌️ I adore you , don't change , stay amazing and again don't leave for stupid reasons.
k ilysm and I'm never gonna let you go to talk to my fakes and I'm gonna protect u because i know they're so much haters and they can hurt you, but since now you're protected from lala. xD
We didn't talk a lot, but these 2 days changed my life like really because you're so kind and you're such a cutie. I hope you a long relationship with Camz & i'm pretty sure that she won't regret the day u started dating. ur really kind to me .. ps: dun't jk me okay ? okay .. omg I made the tfios by myself. like 'okay ? okay' omg cx.
when we talked a lot and before some days camila told u about my account & we started talking and u made me laughing a lot of times and i still can't stop laughing aw. i can't wait whereas i release myself so we can meet & laugh again & eat ice cream because swag. Plus tbh I could write thousand books but actually i'm using my phone.
First of all i met you in April 2013 in the RDMA , and you were really nice with me & lovely i knew that we'd be close but not as much as we're now but who cares ? i'm pretty close w you and i'm glad w that
Austin aka Pizza's husband . I don't know how to start lol when we met i didn't have an ask.fm but you talked about this website and i asked u if u have one and u said no, I was like why would you ask me to make an account if you don't have one account there but who cares lol , we were hanging out w friends and it was amazing we laughed we just had a great time together , time goes so fast it has been 1 year that i know him and it seems like i know him since forever , you're actually the only boy that I trust. I've no more space so ilysm tyty. ❤️

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Like this if you've been called:
Messed up
Like if you've been told to:
Kill yourself
Cut yourself
Harm yourself in any way ^
Like if you've:
Cut yourself
Burned yourself
Attempted suicide
Been bullied
Used laxatives
Skipped meals
I will send you something cute. x

para about ariana g?

Okay.. My fingers will be broken but never mind haha.
So, Ariana Grande Butera.. She is sweet, cute, kind, beautiful, amazing, awesome friend, smart, she is just perfect. I don't have any words which will describe how much I love her, miss her and how much does she mean to me. I'm just so so so blessed to have exactly her because more of the people who tell you that are your friends are often lying, but I know her really good, because from strangers we became friends, from friends to best friends, from best friends to sisters and now we're so closed. That's what I wanted to. I think she is just a human who won't hurt you if you don't hurt her. If you have a problem with her, you can ask me, because she doesn't deserve that fucking hate which the people send her. I don't think, that she has to listen to all that hate. I don't get it.. Why does she have haters? She is just a perfect friend...... And if you don't know it yet... Yes, she has feelings, because in the way you send her that hate, looks like she doesn't have feelings and has a reason to deserve all that hate. -_-
My fingers are broken.. c:
I love you so much Ariana. tbh you mean the world to me. I can always count on you, and I know that you'll never ignore me, or you'll lie to me.
Again.. I love you so so so much, Ariana. I miss you so much. ❤❤❤
tbh that's my favorite edit of us. ❤ #SarianaForever ❤
And for last time.. I love you, @arianagrandeoficialprofile ❤❤❤

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