Ask @senscape:

Good morning! I've always liked in games to collect a certain number of different items and in the end to get interesting secrets. Is there still time to do this? Аnd it would be nice to get a bonus game (or something else) after you finish Asylum 100% :) By the way, I am a big fan of scratches

YES! Asylum is full of interesting things you can collect and secrets not required to complete the game. We dedicated much time to this feature! And there might more content after you're done with the main story 😃

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What if you could in the game ASYLUM find a cassette as a secret and listen to 70s rock music through the car radio, bands like ac/dc - highway to hell, Kansas - carry on my wayward son, etc? Guys!! Seriously, that would be a fantastic idea!!

Err, it's a nice idea, but there are two issues: one, that we need to acquire the rights of such popular songs and that would be *expensive*. And two, that it would ruin a bit the mood of the game, even as a secret :-/

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