Ask @SentaiFilmworks:

Since summer is starting, are there any anime you recommend that fit summer from your older anime titles? As for recent anime, I'm watching Love and Lies and I loved the first episode so far and I think Made in Abyss looks interesting and it could be very deep.

Did you have a chance to check out Action Heroine Cheer Fruits on HIDIVE? It's moe slice of life about girls trying to save their own. It's sooo cute

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Dubs for Haikyuu, Flip Flappers, Tanaka-kun, Sakamoto, and Squid Girl. Honestly nobody has ever made me this happy. I never want this feeling to go away. So I was hoping you felt that way too, and maybe you would even consider doing me the favor of marrying me.

Bartholomew Borcic
We volunteer Tanaka-kun as your future bride. He needs someone good to take care of him. Of course, you might have to prove your worth to Ohta. We're glad to know that the news made your day!

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Wait, am I reading correctly that the rerelease of Persona 4 The Animation of Blu-ray has all the extras from the DVD release as well as dual audio? If so, THANK YOU Sentai!

Direct copy/paste from the shop: "Extras: Episode 1 Director's Cut & On Air Version; Japanese Commentaries; Person 4's Mr. Experiment; A Brief lesson on Izanagi & Izanami; Japanese Commercials; Mr. Experiment Shorts (x5); Clean Opening Animation; Clean Closing Animation" :)

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what happened to the release date of the premium box set of chivalry of a failed knight? :(

There are a lot of moving pieces in each box set, and we don't want to compromise on quality. If a piece isn't at the quality we want, we want to take the time to make it right. It's on the way, and we want customers to be happy with the final product when it gets to them.

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