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Honestly I don't have a favorite either (between Pantene & ELLE). Though, about Tiffany's mini-album, which song do you prefer the most?

RachelSeo12’s Profile PhotoAnna ^^
(sorry been a while since I've checked this), Oh her album? I can't pick between what do I do, + I just wanna dance, haha, yourself?
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Elle or Pantene? In which do you prefer Seohyun? And why?

RachelSeo12’s Profile PhotoAnna ^^
Hmm I like both but I prefer Pantene, but I can't really pick right now since pantene still have to release pictures like the ones with her high up ponytail, or cf whatever it is ^^, what about you?
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If you had to chose one person (solo artist) to collab with Sica, who would it be?

RachelSeo12’s Profile PhotoAnna ^^
One person?
Hmm Taeyeon
I love seohyun, sunny, all the girls but Taeyeon & Jessica seem to have a lot of unfinished business, like I want to hear the emotions of their story through the song, since taeyeon suffered from hate when jessica left and she was accused, and I think that jessica may feel gulity and pain from that to, also I don't how to explain it, I just think that they would show their true feelings through a song(not talking about love or shipping, I'm talking about real friendship, they were both misunderstood)

Except kyuhyun, did seohyun ever be paired with any sm artist?

Uhh ,She was paired with a few of them for special stages, like for a cover of ariana grande's song problem she was with f(x) amber,, there is a few more but I can't remember haha
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Yes..i still support minhyuk-krystal friendship... but i am not really a fan of krystal at the first place. I just love the two interactions during and after drama. And now I just realised that minhyuk is really shipable with anyone. Lol. At least that is what i think My first ship?yongseo :D

Ohh, I see, oh yongseo, that's a good choice, I like them too of course you might of known if you saw my answers on my page haha ^^
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What do you think about vegetarians?

I don't have a problem with them as long as they don't start criticizing me or insulting me for eating meat, or trying to brainwash me, then they're cool, and I have nothing against them
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What do you think of SeoFashionista? If you had to pick one outfit of hers, who would it be?

RachelSeo12’s Profile PhotoAnna ^^
Awh only one haha, that's hard hmm, I'd go for the white and black style she wore at the airport, the black hat with white jumper and black shorts and black boots, She looks the best in my opinion wearing white, it brings out her angelic features
What do you think of SeoFashionista If you had to pick one outfit of hers who

I'm curious about something, if you had to pick one idol from YG to date Seohyun, who would you choose?

RachelSeo12’s Profile PhotoAnna ^^
Hmm YG is a hard one, but I'd pick Seungri from Big Bang, I know they have different personalities and style of music, but I really appreciate how he got her involved during their performance in MAMA 2013 and also I know he said before that he liked her,

What do you think about Jessica's debut? I'm so excited! ^-^ Her message was so touching!

RachelSeo12’s Profile PhotoAnna ^^
I'm really excited for it!
Her voice is incredible, she's so beautiful and she will do really well ^^!
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Tell us something you did that you're ashamed of?

I once really hurt my sister's feelings just because I was angry and confused, I said something I shouldn't have that was personal to her
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And yes... my 2nd ship is hyukstal and now it is already sank Slight sad tbh but yeah..its their life and i will continue to love minhyuk and soojung friendship Hope my 1st ship never sink..ㅋㅋㅋ

ah I see, because of kaistal, ah that's sad, I hope you still support them though even just as friends
Who's your first ship, if you don't mind me asking?
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Do you think seohyun is still N's ideal type?

I think so, I mean I don't know much about the guy, but I know he really likes her, I think N's similar to jinwoon(how jinwoon had a crush on her) and could possibly end up becoming friends with seohyun, even though N is older than her, it's only by one year, they seem like they'd get along ^-^
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If I really like yongseo, and hope they are a real item and eventually marry/i wrote fan fictions abt them/, but I think i wouldnt cry/maybe just slightly sad/ if they do not end with each other, do you think i can be called shipper?

Yes you are still a shipper ^-^, I'm the same, I love yongseo but if they do not end up together, I will not be angry or sad, and I would respect their partners, just because you ship someone doesn't mean that you will get upset if they don't end up together, so don't worry, you're still a shipper :)
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I'm envy of you..bcos im just 154cmㅠㅠ. ㅋㅋㅋ. Im not actually sad tbh

Awwh, that's not bad, being small compared to tall is also a good thing, small people are awesome, for example I don't wear heels because it makes me look like a giant, also I hit my head off stuff quite a lot, also you don't ever have to worry about not having enough leg room in transport, do not be envy of me, your awesome ^-^,
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How old are you? How tall are you?

Hmm, don't really want to give out my age but I am a young adult, as for how tall I am I have no idea the exact height but I am tall
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Are you a shipper or just fans of seo?

I am a seomate and sone, but yes I do support ships, like the yongseo one, but no I would not be angry or cry if seohyun dates someone else, I'll be happy for her either way :)
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I've backread your ask.fm timeline. So i conclude that you are not a shipper,just maybe prefer seo with 'someone'. Yonghwa, then changmin Can I say like that?

Uh, I'm actually a huge fan of yongseo, but I don't believe everything seohyun does is about or involves yonghwa, and vice versa


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