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What is the most important thing you have learned in life?

Never be such a hypocrite like my mother and don't pretend to be someone else and stop "the I don't mean what I say" because I hate hiding and cowering in fear for such a disrespectful woman as my mother because I deserve better and if u don't know how it feels then lucky u, u don't have disrespectful parents like I do and this isn't immature btw because I'm not bragging or putting down people but for this case it's neither of those due to being mistreated everyday crying every night waiting for a mother that might change well guess what I don't believe in a person like my mom to change because she shows through her immature action and behavior that she can't treat me or others with respect when we clearly respect her we try our very best to take nice to her but she just puts us down in a mean way so might I say it's called fighting for what's right unlike cowering in fear everyday being called a disgrace, disappointment, always be judge when u didn't do anything wrong, called a problem,etc more things that I can't put it on here because it's that bad but I'm not gonna sit down and be stepped all over or disregarded in a way because THAT FROM MY MOM HAS TO STOP! P.s if u all wonder who is my role model I have afew that are people who I encounter with and has stick by me through till this freakin day I'm so grateful and knows to teach me right from wrong with the SAME RESPECT I gave to them when I first met them till to this day they treat me with respect as I do the same for them

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Where is the worst place you could get stuck?

With a mother whom doesn't mean srry when she says it, takes credit for what she didn't really do, sits around complains and then in front of people pretends to be nice,and behind in people's backs she yells at u for no specific or reasonable reason, practically makes you work non stop even if u're at school, thinks she is an albatraoz ruins my childhood, compares people against me like she /he can do this better than u, calls you a problem when she is angry and then doesn't apologize to you with gratefulness but more of a disappointment and no feelings of being truly srry, yells at you at high school when filling in the papers for registration,embarrassing u for no reasonable reason she makes things up too. I am so GRATEFUL I ain't gonna be like mother but for sure I will work my hardest at school and pursue my career and be successful,I was so BLIND by how my mother had TREATED ME. And u know what I'm so sick of b**** people like her because she does way more hypocritical things to me than just verbal and I can't stand her arrogant immature behavior so I will pray that those who are suffering similar to my side of unappreciated or disregarded I hear u and I know how u feel but DONT FREAKIN GIVE UP!!!! U are worth living in this world so I hope everyone and yourself can really pursue live through people like mom and pursue what u love and what u foaled for in life.#prayers to all

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