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Are you more of a computer user or phone user? (e.g: I prefer to use my computer more then my phone. Therefore, I am a computer user.)

phone user. It was designed for human so..

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Good morning! I hv a girl and i really want 2 make her happy. can u help me?

Good morning anon!
Maybe you can..
- Give a little things she likes.
- Tell her she's beautiful.
- Being a good listener. A girl loves to express their feelings, so pay attention at her.
- Make her laugh
- Remember small details about her.
- Be cool and romantic man.
- Gentleman is a must. A true gentleman would treat a woman with love, patience and good attention.
- Don't take action just because you want something. Don't always do things for a reason.
- Recognize the small things that she did
- Remember her birthday!
- Don't talk too much. Do what you promised.
- Send her a few quick messages throughout the day to let her know that you are thinking of her.
- Be loyal
- Don't give her a reason to hate you
- Make her feel special
- Do things together.A girl likes to spend time with you.
- Build your happiness together
But the most important one is love her with all your heart and look at her as the only girl you love πŸ’ž
Good luck!

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having plastic surgery?

k den
I hv received many questions about this and I will explain now.
Everyone wants to look perfect with their faces. Most korean fix their faces with plastic surgery, but not all of them. Although I have a korean descent. Family no one ever falsify his face. We are grateful to our natural face.
here's my baby , kid and teen photo. Do u see too much difference?

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Have u ever been slapped?

good question
Yesterday, I borrowed my sis iPhone and saw her photo gallery. Then, I found a funny picture. I was laughing and her iPhone fell into my cheek .
λ‚΄λΊ¨ γ… γ… 

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I still have breakfast and u?πŸ’– (Btw I hate haters 2 u must don't give a damn bout them they r worthless)Β¬ Β¬

su zuna
i'm answering your question γ…‹γ…‹
it's okay. they're have fun with it
but, who cares?

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