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I scrolled ur answers & u said that ur wedding should be a simple nikkah. Really ? and if so why pretty lady ?

Yes, exactly. You know.. I honestly find it pointless to spend money unnecessarily on a wedding.. why do that to yourself? Would instead invest the money in the future with my husband. Buy a house, travel the world, support or families and relatives and donate to the poor..
If you ask me, there are sooo many better things ppl can do instead.

…and he treats me very good :) he never disrespects me listens to me when I have problems and became like my love and best friend in one :) I don’t understand what is holding him back when he seems so into me :) or is he maybe playing with me ? I don’t get it :( what r ur thoughts on that? 🤧

Ok so honestly I don’t think he’s playing with you. He seems to be serious about you, when he’s treating you good all this time. BUT he simply seems to be not ready yet. Not because of you, it has to do with himself. He seems just not to have his life together. He does not see a way that he can provide for you, can take care of you, to protect you. Financial stability is very important for a man and he feels not to see himself at this point yet.
So my advice for you would be, take a step back. Let him get his life together. If you both are serious about each other, give him his time he needs and let him work on himself. Just have some patience and wait for him. Good times will come InshALLAAH ☺️🌸

How would you describe your character ? 💐

Hmm I think I’m a mixture of Tina and Anjali in kuch kuch hota hai ..
I have that cool chill and friendship like side as Anjali and also that lady like look behavior and attitude as Tina has … ( if you donno the movie just Google, you‘ll see what I mean by their pictures).

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You judging about so many human beings haha. No sorrey but you can’t say it that way 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👬👭 even whatsapp understands that there is more than one gender type and types of relationships haha.

My dear honestly Idc what ppl do or who they with… your life your choice my friend, so pls don’t get me wrong✌🏽
BUT you can run the whole day around and say you’re a tree, you‘ll still be a human being. A lion doesn’t become a hamster by pretending to be one. You are what you are, if you accept it or not is another topic.

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