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Shit I should know, are you playing with me or did you erase my memory :P okay. Where did we talk? Now pweease tell me.

do you promise..??

Iain? Sorry just ugh names! You can't leave me hanging dude...

if i tell you, will you get some sleep, and also forget that i had emotions about 2 hours ago ?

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It is from time to time can't make my mind up. Mitchell? Jack? Just thinking aloud

nope, i'll tell you who i am next time i bump into you or if you guess correctly, im annoying like that :-P

I am terribly sleepy. To be honest I am a difficult person to be with so take everything I do with a very small pinch of salt, I can be honest with you and say whether I like you in that way or not

go to sleep if you're sleepy

Who are you or I will go to sleep and also, how can you miss me if I've only ever exchanged his with you?

god, you're terrible at guess who, and we only ever said hi at Norton hill, i've spoken to you recently, but i don't think it effected you the way it's effected me

Santa's bikes seem all rusty these days and can't take my ride so :/ JK

that's too bad , loads of good cycling places around Norton

Cycling, well I have a granny bike or a bmx so it's like which one and then I go for the bmx but it only takes me a little way cuz it's rubbish on the road, and Judo, I was too good like I beat up too many people (joints got looser in knees so needs physio yay)

oh, not so good then, why didn't you ask Santa for a new bicycle

You badass

well i dont smoke, do drugs and only drink occasionally so i think that there's no real harm in going out for the night

That was tricky to guess :P (sarc) and yes I always ask nicely

you'll get very far in life then, why did you stop cycling or martial arts-ing ?

Congrats, now tell me you middle name 'cause I won't know it (pwease).

George, but only because you asked so nicely

Ah spell it right and you're there. Okay what year would you be in tech now if you hadn't have left ever?

with a C ?? and i'd be in upper sixth

Why did you not spend much time at Norton Hill then eh G?

wanted to get a job, earn some money and leave home. currently working on the last one

No, why Lucy-Kate? One is close however ;). I'm guessing you're called Giles?

nope, never heard that name before. is one of yours Kathrine or Catherine ?


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