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Hi thanx 4 ur lovely videos kindly provide the basic saree blouse pattern with side darts I.e. 4 darts n one more thing u don't look indian how r u so crazy about indian dresses n where did u learn 2 sew them

hello, thank you for watch my videos :) , please send me inbox in my fb page to request the pattern. yes I am from México city :) Im a fashion designer and i use that knowledge to learn by myself to make indian clothes. I m crazy about indian dresses because im crazy about every thing related to india. :D

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Hi , please can you show me how to make a mermaid style lengha with as many thin panels . the skirt should be fitted at the waist and should start to flare out at the knees or just above . also what stiffening s do they use to give the garment a flare hemline . and thank you for the effort on your v

well, i have patterns for all types of lehenga, you can request it in my fb page, but for all the instructions you are asking for i would have to make a video, go to the fb page as well and request the tutorial there plz :)

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Hi, i wanted to find out about your ruler set what are they called, how many types do u use and where can they be purchased from? Thanks in advance for your reply.

i have 2 "L" shape ruler a big one and a small, a tailor curve ruler, a french ruler, and some times i use 30 cm rulers also, i got it in a fabric and notions and stationary stores or also you can make your own

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Hi just a little doubt as for drafting the perfect Patiala. You mentioned 8" down. as for the hip do u measure 1/4 of the hip + 8". please clarify. Appreciate if you can send me this pattern too. Rgds Queenie(vetha M)

Hello Vetha. for the patiala i said 18" down that is for the inner leg part. and 1/4 of the hip + 8" is for the waistband, the width of it must be the measurement of your hips contour adding 8" and then divide by 4 :)

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hi sandy.. :) .. May I know abt ur time planning over ur wrk schedule between household wrks and creating wrks..

Yeah.. well, I'm working as teacher in the afternoons 4 days a week, so I'm free at mornings and 3 days a week. In the morning i usually make patterns and check the page, the group and the channel, then i bring my dog for a walk, cook lunch and clean the house, and work on my art (painting, engraving, drawing, etc) :D, in the nights when i come back from school i reply comments, send patterns and organize organize, record and edit videos to upload. :).. and thats it.. i need days of 30 hours or 2 more hands :P

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