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Do you have a favorite memory? What is it?

Most recent one is getting a District PR award from Toastmasters District 82.

What's your fav food??

"Polos" (Sri Lankan young jackfruit) curry made by mom. She's an expert of this recipe.

How will u feel to talk to a person, you don't even know the name ?

Just normal/ nothing. Just talk to them.

Android or apple ?

Android. I love the diversity created by Android ecosystem. Android ecosystem enables you to access most of the smart features and share your experience with different people regardless of being rich or poor.
I have firsthand experience of using two premium Android devices and one budget Android device, from three different brands. The switch was made a lot easier thanks to Android.

What is your attitude towards hunting?

Mixed opinions.
If hunting for food, and if there's a shortage of food shortage other protein sources, and if the species being hunted isn't endangered, then I don't see much of a problem there.

What is your favorite fanfic? Do you like them actually?

I'm not interested. I remember I have read something about Sherlock Holmes encountering Dracula.

5 things you don't like in people ?

Lack of emotional intelligence
Political correctness
Lack of politeness

Have you bought any paid apps? If so, which?

Yes. jetAudio Plus, Titanium Backup, AccuBattery Pro, ES File Explorer and few others.

what did you want to be, when you were a child?

I wanted to be a scientist. (I've been reading a lot of sci-fi)


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