Ask @shahamraheel:

we loved from the core of our heart, but we haven't met after we've e fallen for each other ..aaand he left me after 5 years for the girl who's with him 24/7.... would you like to say something about it??

Pashtai ga roii ga lakin abhi nhi waqt aanay pr tntion mt lena khud tarsay ga apsay bt krny k liye...
Ye wohe nigahay hai jo tjh say door gai......
Aaj yahi tjhe dekhnay ko tarasti hai...

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Likers Get Emoji Tbh? 😍 - Cute πŸ’‹ - Hot ❀ - Love You πŸ‘Œ - You're perfect πŸ’¬ - Whatsapp πŸ’ž - You're my Best Friend 😠 - I hate You πŸ˜’ - You annoy me πŸ˜‚ - You're funny πŸ™Œ - I admire You πŸ’˜ - We're soulmates 🎈 - You make me smile

Sab ki behnβ₯
I hate u 2 btw thankxx i know better than this that what do u think about me and when did i make u smile?

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