Ask @shaheenagwan:

please do this. Dear ex. Dear self. Dear dad. Dear mom. Dear school. Dear boyfriend. Dear sibling. Dear future guy bestfriend. Dear future husband. Dear future. Dear future me. Dear people who hate me. Dear people who love me.

dear ex I dont miss u any more
dear self i love u
dear mom and dad thnxx for this upbringing☺
dear school I hate you😂
dear boyfriend You dont exist
dear siblings stop irritating me
dear future guy best friend u will be the same @VAIBHAV___029 💖
dear future husband wondering who u are
dear future please be lenient💁
dear future me be successful
dear ppl who hate me thank you
dear ppl who love me love you more❤❤

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Hey ....! MISS PERFECTIONIST😍 Being honest u're cute and beautiful its not something like STAIF it's just sent to you because u're the one who really deserves it ...! Im an stranger but yeah would be an honour for me talking to such a beautiful girl and being her friend ....! Hahah xD Stay Happy..

oh my god!! This is soooo sweet and it means a lot plz come off❤❤❤

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