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Aur sunao?🌚

handsome_zaki’s Profile PhotoZakir
Bro I was just sitting today and I remembered this girl who thought I lied about the institution I went to and make fake accounts pretending to be a woman which were like 6-8 years old just to get her all because I didn’t want to show her my sister’s picture?😭 people are crazy sometimes and the amount of delusions they have about themselves have me rolling.

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Would you make an effort to change someone’s opinion about yourself?

Look dude, once someone makes up their mind you can’t do anything to change it and you trying to explain yourself will most of the time add to their suspicions, so just move on and let people think what they think because honestly you shouldn’t give a damn about someone’s validation. There are better things to do and better places to invest your time in rather than making someone believe you.

What's the one thing you've changed your mind about?

MahaNoor755’s Profile PhotoNoor Fatima
When I was finishing school I was so sure that I want to have lots of money. My family grew up fairly well off and I thought "this is the life". Then as i started to grow up i was like oh so money can't buy everything? After my first term of university I knew that I didn't want to do the job available after this subject. My parents tried to force me to join a private medical college but i opted for business management instead. Tried to pay for my life by myself. I'm now having a very simple, minimal (voluntary simplicity, downshifting, simple life) lifestyle and I have the feeling that I don't need anything or want anything. I don't want to be part of the affluent society. Obviously I want basic needs covered and I want to be able to afford organic stuff, but I don't want a mansion, an expensive car or gadgets or expensive clothing brands (or new clothes for that matter).

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Who were you before they broke your heart?

MahaNoor755’s Profile PhotoNoor Fatima
Ehh, an immature 18-something who put more value on physical progress than emotional progress who didn’t know how to open up or that a relationship not only involves enjoying the present and imagining a beautiful future but also learning about the past. Now, I think I’m at least 10 years more mature. I learned communication, what falling in love feels like, how opening up and talking about your past matters, how talking about your feelings matter, how you should have a talk on the direction of the relationship before you just fall in love and assume they know it. All really good things. Only problem is now when I try to practice these new skills, they seem so obvious, and the regret sets in remembering them trying to open me up and me not being able to back then. Thinking back to it I was really dumb lmaoo smh

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What can make you smile instantly ?? 💀

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
The few close friends I treasure most in my life. They may not consider themselves my best friends & we don't necessarily know each other that well but I consider them someone worth my genuine respect based on how they've treated me since I knew them and the way they handled very personal situations. It makes me smile when they do whatever random thing they love that makes them happy.
In an odd way, I can't say the same thing about my other best friends, whom I've known longer. Seeing them happy and smile is still good and all but something usual & ordinary. It's like there are best friends I know very well but we rarely talk about deeply personal stuff and there are few friends I don't really know but we've shared intimate things/vulnerabilities about each other. The latter ones are the ones who instantly make me smile all the time.

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Late night thoughts? 🌹

That to change, and to get to better places, you are going to have transitional phases in your life and they're flippin hard on everyone, so don't doubt yourself and push forward.
Because whether it's leaving school, starting work, becoming a parent, starting a new relationship, leaving a relationship, making the decision to do something about your depression/mental health, growing old the transitional stage often leaves you feeling frazzled and out of control for a while. But hang in there, because you'll learn, experience and feel things you weren't expecting, and one year down the line, it won't be as bad - most of the time anyway. And I know it because I’m Mr know it all lmao smh.

🇸 🇵 🇦 🇨 🇪

mohamedkastlo’s Profile PhotoMohamed Rady
I remember when I used to be in third grade I had a friend known as Asfand and he introduced me to anime through an anime known as “bleach” and I remember we used to save up our lunch money to buy the DVDs of each season so we could watch it back at home because none of the networks aired it and we had a pretty shitty internet connection so we couldn’t even torrent it or something and I still have all those DVDs saved up in my bedside table but I don’t talk to the guy who introduced me to them that much and I really miss him lmaooo. Bleach just announced it’ll continue the story where it left off 10 years ago next year and maybe then I can call him over and watch it with him again. Fingers crossed.

Thoughts on the new season of money heist?

Acha I don’t know why Pakistani people love to overhype perfectly normal stuff but let’s just start off by saying having a Netflix subscription isn’t a personality trait. Money heist was good till the first 2 season because that’s how long the original story intended to last but our community overhyped the show so much that Netflix decided hey this show is making us a shit ton of money let’s overdo it. Things lose their quality if they overstay their welcome
Tell me what’s the point in saving a character and killing her two episodes later? That’s just dumb writing. If Nairobi died at the start of the season no one would’ve cared because no one was attached to her. They built her character and then just disposed her off to make you feel like it actually means something lmfaoo. Professor could’ve used the tourture thingy against the government in the 3rd season and he waited another whole season to pull it off? Isn’t that just dumb? He did all the same things from the 3rd season? Verdict Money heist is an over rated piece of shit that is just an ordinary show because our awaam is dumb. A show is good if it’s memorable. You can’t remember how the first heist went down because it was nothing special. I can remember the whole plot of breaking bad because that show signifies something unlike money heist.

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What do you think is too good to be true? 💮

FREAKINGMISHU’s Profile PhotoMisha Rehan
No one really thinks about it because they're just in our lives from a young age, but libraries.
Free books, free movies, free cds, some have conference areas you can rent, some have 3-D printers, you can just sit and hang out for free. Probably things I'm forgetting.
Where else can you go and get that much stuff for free?

Do you mean we should judge happiness objectively and not subjectively? As far as I think having shelter, food to consume, and good friends to hang out with make one "feel" good or happy. Happiness is itself an emotion that exists because we get to feel it.

I just read this and yeah to some point I agree that we should measure happiness subjectively but don't you think it's really hard to be happy that way? Like there is always a problem in a person's life no one is ever truly "happy". Sure you may tried to hide it but everyone has problems that keep them up at nights or at least require them to think about it and just feel low. When I say happiness is the meaning of life it means that you start your life in a neutral state yk as a child but as you grow up most of the stuff you do is to achieve happiness. You want to have a good house, a good car, a good wife all of those things you do are to feel happy. The easiest way to get happiness is to measure it objectively don't you think? Like imagine saving up for a mobile and actually getting it. Sure the happiness is short lived but it pushes you forward in life. It gives you that small high that makes you want to believe in good things. And this doesn't in any way mean I am a materialistic person I just think it's really really really hard to be happy subjectively in this world.

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Are you happy?

ayeshawasim’s Profile Photoعائشہ
Aristotle once said "Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence". I don't think by happiness he meant how a person feels yk. You always have a baggage to carry no matter how happy you are, a problem to solve, some relationships that needs saving and some that need to be cut off. If by Happiness Aristotle meant how a person is living i.e. have a shelter, good food, a few people to hang around with then yes I am happy. If he meant otherwise then No I ain't xD.
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