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No need to thanks.. actually I really like you, wanted to know more about you and after reading your comments and specially the way you wrote... 🙂 Also, you live in different country and am in different.. so it's better that I should stop here..

I am thanking you because I appreciate you and our previous interactions but that's it. And honestly, I don't understand your messages yesterday/earlier today, it just kinda sounded a bit demanding on my end. So, farewell. Be happy and live well :)

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Hi. I'm guessing it's you who also sent this to me. First off, if you really read my answers as what you have told me, then you should have noticed that I don't usually post 'longggggg answersss' nor post everyday. Second, I have a life outside of askfm and there's no need to explain this further. Third, I don't understand what makes you upset. Adios.

You mentioned your clingy self.. what is that like?

For someone who have extremely low social battery, there are rare moments where I get to be touchy like I would be combing your hair, holding hands, giving back hugs and leaning on your shoulder, or could also be me initiating conversations and share whatever comes to mind and even flood your inbox with funny/cute videos. But I only show this side of me to few individuals whom I find to be genuine and comfortable to be with. Perhaps I exaggerated when I referred to myself as clingy because these seemed to be common behaviours of many.😅

Tough round. Isn't?

Idk what did you mean by this tough round so lemme just share a short story.
So, earlier today I was called in to our big boss' office for a meeting. Just when I entered his office he acted to poke my arm as if it had a switch and said "let's unmute the robot before we start this meeting". My colleagues who were present there laughed. Dudeee why can't people just appreciate reserved personality instead of trying to turn it into a social butterfly? I mean, I do share input/idea when necessary. Shouldn't that be enough? Hayyy humans, being around you is tough indeed😫

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Bakit majority of people sinisisi lagi sa lalaki ang cheating samantalang may mga babaeng pinipiling maging kabet? Can u elaborate your answer.

Di ako sure na majority sinisisi yung lalaki kasi mas usual kong nakakikita na mas pinapahiya/inaaway yung mga kabet and it seems na hindi na shocking sa karamihan kung nagchecheat yung mga lalaki. Parang standard na nga sa kanila yung lalaking honest/loyal eh na kung tutuusin it should be the bare minimum. Remember, it was the husband who vowed to be faithful, not the other party, hence he should take responsibility for his actions. Same goes pag babae din yung nag-cheat.
Bat nga pala biglang andaming may kabet dito?😂

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Serious question: would you still befriend a person who tried to ruin you and your relastionship with your siblings?

Sounds like someone I know lol. I stopped communicating with her because it seems like she is incapable of holding a rational discourse. I also can't be bothered to maintain a relationship with someone who uses childish antics and manipulative tricks only to gain "sympathy".


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