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what subjects are you doing atm?

adv eng, 4 maths, textiles, chem, bio

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Are u going to keep ext eng? i wanna drop it cos I'm not passionate about it but then I'll have 10 units and idk. I'm only doing it as a back up for advanced but I'm only going average in both, is it better for me to drop it and focus more on advanced?

Dropped that a few weeks ago!
Well, it depends how efficient and willing you are to write essays and also about your exam placement.
I was really glad to drop it because firstly the free periods were in really good places to allow me to focus on my textiles major project and secondly for the exam block, I honestly couldn't imagine writing another essay with all my other subjects (though I was on 13 with it). I already think Advanced is quite a lot of work and but if you can manage the workload for Ext 1 without much interference then I guess it wouldn't hurt to keep it up your sleeve? However, if it is interfering and you are confident in your other subjects then drop it!!

For me, it was definitely better to drop but since you're on 11 - just think about how well you're doing in your other subjects and how much time you're willing to put into those. I'm on 12 units right now but I really don't like biology however I'm holding onto it because I'm not completely strong in every other subject I have!

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how big is ur family

not big at all

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@parenttrapfan asks, "What is your favorite way to make an egg?”

shanni side up ha ha ha

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whats ur traffic on ur blog? and how did u increase traffic/get more viewers that were interested

Traffic on my blog is irrelevant but I've answered this before here --> so check that out! ^_^

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how would you style a flannel skirt?

plain white tee, longer socks (probs would wear printed ones that complement colour of tartan), and creepers!! or even just Eamon boots

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do u have any other family members named after things related to nature LOL sun

HAHAHAH I wish! That would be cool! But nah, last names are all just common Chinese ones and first names are just average names
Edit: OH I just remembered, my mum's Chinese name is Cloud HAHAHHA

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who takes your photos?

Which ones? On my blog, Fiona took most of them :)

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what's your atar goal/uni course u wanna get into

hmm, not too sure yet! Atar goal is probably somewhere over 90, that's about it so far.

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what are u planning for ur major work?

I'm making this cage skirt + dress thing!! Kinda freaked to start but I think I got this

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What were your ranks for your subjects - it's ok if u don't wanna answer!!! just curious as to whether ur ranks affected ur subject choices etc :)

HAHA I honestly can't even remember my ranks, don't care that much!
and nope they didn't! Just doing what I like and just gonna drop what feels right next year (since i'm on 13 units)

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What yr 12 subjects do u do?

Right now I'm on 13 units (dont know what to drop yet)
4U maths
3U english

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are u close with extended family

Relatively! We go years without speaking, but I still love them all a lot

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are u Chinese? what family do u have in aus?

Yup I am! A small few :)

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my family's going through a few issues right now :( how is your family?

so many questions, so keen!!

Anyway, that really sucks to hear that they are, I hope you're doing okay with that. :( If not, you are so strong for going through family hardships!! It's honestly one of the most difficult things, and keeping your head up is important!! U got it!!!

And thank u for asking! My family is doing quite okay right now.

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good places for thrifting in sydney???

glebe markets!

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merry christmas :)

thanks pal! hope you had a lovely one! ^_^

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have you ever written text response essay? if so, can you give me some type of structure :)

HhahahhAHHAHAHA sorry im the worst person to ask i can't english
tho ask ur teacher!! it really helps when you can clarify things with them privately !!

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hey :) what texts do you study in y11 adv/ext english

les murray's poetry

heart of darkness

(i think thats it)

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Pap messenger

???????????? fail to see the relevance of this question

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where did you get your dreamcatcher and that string ball light thingy?

dreamcatcher was a gift from a friend, though I believe it was from tree of life!

lights are from ebay! (ah i love them so much) here:

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hey! I was wondering which camera you used for your 35mm photos and where could I find one? thanks x

Hi there!
I used the Pentax K1000 film camera which is a neat lil thing that only has manual settings and focus :)
Mine actually broke recently so I'm looking for a new one myself but I know there's a camera store in Newtown, the Ultimo Camera Fair on the 13th March next year and you can check out all the online stores like Gumtree, eBay and Etsy!
Good luck!

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how to make a wishlist? like how can you find a piece of clothes without any model?

HAHA well, I guess you just have to imagine if u would wear the item or not!!
And I mean a Wishlist is only made when u know you want something so if it's hard to come by things you like then you're probably just someone who doesn't tend to make them

But I guess if you see an item online and there's a store near where u live then u can go and try it on and see if it fits u well or not!! ^_^

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you're so inspring, thanks for helping me out 💕 ily

aw aw my pleasure! glad to have inspired you :)
hit me up if u need anymore help!

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what camera did you use when you first started your blog?

Same as now, the Canon 60D :)

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