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Funny thing is I chose you so what’s up we gonna keep playing these games or we going to keep denying the fact that we both still care for each other and want a healthy relationship ??

You’re the one in control of the show.

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Choose people that choose you. The end.

Is that the moral of the story you were trying to get across the whole time?

Initials of one you love & miss?💕💞💓💗 ❤💙

JK, JW, AD, GT, CS, EW, TW, JB, JJ, JC, JC, NR. That is the one thing you could never take away from me. My love for those people.

Favorite place to go as a kid?

Farmer Jack’s grocery store in Madison Heights shopping with my mom. I’d sit in the cart grabbing coupons as my mom would go down each aisle.

Lol no one’s jealous of your “bond” matter a fact your messing with a bootleg version of me. I know he tried to study me just so he can be like me that’s a whole corn ball better yet go mention that if he’s triggered it’s definitely a fact.


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Fuck all your “I miss you” come and tell me that so I know your serious.

Where is the chivalry in that. You’re the man. You come tell me so I know YOURE serious. If not then this is all anonymous and I don’t see you at all in here 😌

I wanted to share all the things and places I like. But U were always just looking for something else while pretending to be happy and obsessively in love with me. Just don’t fake being in love and happy with someone if it’s fraudulent acting

If you think I can fake loving someone you obviously know nothing about me 😂😂

There are stories only I can tell you.

Unless they are filled with medical gore I’m probably not going to be interested. Just being honest.

Do you have a secret crush on here? 😉😘

It’s not secret and I’m still not 100% sure he or anyone else I know is on here.


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