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미래에 어떤 곳에서 살 것으로 상상하고 있나요?

In the countryside, but my dream is to live in Japan

당신에게 먹는 것과 자는 것 중 어느 쪽이 더 중요한가요?

Sleeping but eating is right after

짝사랑 해보셨나요? 그 기간은 얼만큼 되나요

I had. But it was over as soon as I confessed and got refused.

이성을 볼 때 제일 중요하게 생각하는 건 뭔가요?

The inside is the most important. Their personality and such.

연애와 결혼은 다르다고 생각하시나요?

Yes, living together and marriage is not that much though. It is just a piece of paper, nothing more.

갑자기 본인한테 1억이 주워지고 오늘안에 1억을 쓰라고하면 뭘하실건가요??

I would buy a house, or two, get some stuff in order to follow my hobbies in the future than whatever remains donate to animals. Unless I can keep the money, in that case, I would save up a little bit of that then donate the rest.


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