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i've heard your talks and you're an amazing speaker, Shawn! But I've also heard that you can get intense and aggressive while debating. doesn't that actually hinder the conversation?

Thank you!
The thing about being aggressive and arrogant while arguing is that I actually find it to be better and convincing people than normal techniques, but not all the time.
If you offend someone, chances are that the person is going to be thinking about what you said (in order to get back at you with a witty remark) . In the process of recalling you say, they actually think about it. And sometimes, they might get an epiphany and understand what you were trying to put across.
Although I really don't do it all the time, it really has come useful in more than one situation. I'd never recommend it though. A great debater can get his point across while being the quietest one in the room.

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If your parents hated your partner you currently loved would you ditch him or carry on with him despite the protests? my parents don't like my boyfriend.

I would carry on despite the protests. It's because of the simple reason that I'm the one who is gonna get married to the person and not my parents.
Of course, your parents are concerned about you and they have every right to give advice and tell you whether your partner is a good fit for you or not. But flat out, protesting the relationship is really bad on their part, if that's what's happening.
It's best if you sit down and have a long conversation with them. Explain to them, why you're with your partner and maybe they'll understand.

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What is this best way to deal with a break up? i just broke up with my long time boy and i feel empty inside.

And don't force yourself to 'get out there' and get back to functioning normally soon. Everyone needs time to get over something like this.
Do whatever you want. don't try to forget the experience, rather learn to make it a part of your past. Accept it and move on, though I'll admit it's easier than it sounds.
Hang in there! You'll be fine soon.

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