What are the most famous products of the Navajos?

The Navajo tribe is famous for several important products that they sell to those outside their own tribal group. One of the most important is oil. Oil was discovered on Navajo ( https://plus.google.com/110642113029396351314 ) land in the 1920s and is considered largely responsible for the formation of the Navajo Nation government, which is one of the largest and best-organized of any of the Native American tribes. Another popular Navajo product is silver.
Navajo silversmiths are responsible for some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world, and today their authentic items, which are made by hand and take a long period of time to complete, are very valuable. Navajo weaving, particularly blankets, is also highly prized and these items are often sold in large quantities to tourists and others who want genuine Navajo crafts. The Navajo ( https://www.crunchbase.com/person/shawn-t-redd ) were among the first to utilize an upright loom, making it possible to craft extremely fine yet sturdy blankets.

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About Shawn Redd:

Shawn Redd is a tribal liaison professional with over 20 years of experience. He works diligently to provide economic prosperity to the under-served Navajo nation as a part of the Redd/Lichee Corporation. He's worked in the family business since graduating high school, and is now the President.

Dilkon, Arizona